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This Year Top Amigurumi Crochet Patterns, Your kids loves this

#Awesome bear amigurumi Free Pattern

Friends, hello everyone. How are you today? Today I will share with you this cute amigurumi pattern you have seen in the picture. I would like to thank Kamiliia Petakova, who designed and owned the photos. She’s a really good designer.
You can easily see this from the designs she has made. You can also visit the Instagram page from @ toffi_toys. He prepared a very cute bear pattern and shared it. We publish it on our site. In general, a model with two different colors is used.
I think the real detail is in his ears. Because it is very difficult to design so harmoniously. Of course, you can make different designs using soft rope. However, white is one of the indispensable colors. A fairly thick thread is used. A very soft design.

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#Crochet teddy bear in pajamas Free Pattern

I wish everyone a good day. Welcome to my blog. In my blog where I share new amigurumi patterns every day, I will share a different teddy beay pattern today.
First of all, I would like to thank Tatiana Medintseva, who made the design. She is a very talented amigurumi designer. It’s a pretty different model. You can understand this difference from the rabbit figures on their feet.
I think the first thing to notice is the rabbits on their feet. It looks like she is wearing slippers. So cute. Beads are used in her eyes, but the material used on her nose looks quite high quality. How to dress the hat after knitting is also in your hands.

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#Easter bunny amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello there. I wish everyone a good day. How are you guys today? I have prepared very cute amigurumi pattern for you today, I hope you like it. First of all, I share a very cute and quite different bunny model with you.
First of all, I would like to point out that amigurumi is really an art. You can understand that this is an art from the created characters. You can’t find so many creators in any toy model. Also, you can’t find so many characters.
Editing a character, thinking how to do it, and accomplishing it is a very difficult process. For this reason, we would like to thank the friends who shared their examples. Our friend @toys_by_ketti who prepared this character. She’s really an artist.

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#Deer christmas amigurumi Free Pattern

A great christmas deer. Maybe it may be early for Christmas, but you create your arvis now I think it is a slightly different model. However, it contains exactly the Christmas colors. Green, red, white.
A pretty cute amigurumi model. It can be a great christmas gift for your child or close friends. The person who created the rope colors in the sample part in detail. Thank you to him.
By the way, the example is Ekaterina Ustinova. He’s a very talented person. I suggest you follow the personal Instagram page. It is prepared using a little hard rope. So I think 2mm hooks are used.

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#Plush fox amigurumi Free Pattern

Dear friends. Today I will share with you a great amigurumi pattern. A very cute girl fox model. A rather large amigurumi made from a very soft thread. See how cute you are in the pictures.
I will do this for my amigurumi child. I really like it. My daughter showed this picture and liked it very much. Green dress, especially knitted as a whole with her body. It was extremely harmonious.
Can you look at the bow tie on her head? How cute. It is effective in making it look so beautiful in using very distinctive colors. The quality of the yarn is really important. If you don’t make it from a quality thread, it will be ruined when you first wash it.

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#Teddy bear amigurumi Free Pattern

Welcome to my blog. I have a little surprise for you today. I’m going to share a pretty cute teddy bear amigurumi pattern. You will love this little amigurumi.
Tatyana Kostochenkova prepared this amigurumi, which was prepared using a very thin hook. Thank you very much. If we come to the amigurumi, you will see that color harmony is very important.
You can also use different things instead of a pab. You can use different materials instead of beads while creating your eyes. It is really important to use different colors on your feet and nose. Do not forget to make the cheek colors.

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