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This Year Best Amigurumi Patterns For Your Kids

#Lovely raccoon amigurumi Free Pattern

Yes! I’m with you again today. How are you guys. Do you feel good? Today I will share with you the amigurumi patterns that you are not used to. Are you ready?
Our first pattern today is a great raccoon amigurumi. Looks hard to knit with friends :). You agree with me. But this is all about time. You can rest assured that you will be rewarded as you work.
Maybe it will take 3 or 5 days, but you will have a very nice raccoon amigurumi. Using different animal figures will expand your horizons. Each different figure you make will help you develop your skills.
I recommend knitting different amigurumi models. Raccoon amigurumi is prepared using a strong rope. I do not recommend knitting with soft thread. Even if you can find it, I recommend you to buy the same rope.

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#amigurumi lion Free Pattern

Hello there. Welcome to my blog. Did you take a picture on this subject? I really liked it when I saw the picture.
I am sure that this topic will be especially for the users of Pinterest. Because this is an pattern of an amigurumi lion that looks really great. I’ve seen a lot of amigurumi lions before. However, this may be among the best models I have seen.
Do not say lion, friends. This lion amigurumi is really cute. I do not know if there are different patterns but if you share them with me after I do, I will publish them too. When you complete the amigurumi, it becomes 18 cm.

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#Amigurumi pig Free Pattern

Welcome to my friends blog. I said I would share two amigurumi free patterns with you. Let’s come to our second pattern. In our second pattern, there is a very cute pig model.
I know your child is a fan of piggies. She especially loves girls. For this reason, pink color is usually preferred for this reason. You can use many shades of pink.
Although light pink colors look more cute, it is a big problem to clean. As everyone knows, children love to pollute. It is permanent in some stains and in some threads. Especially chocolate stain.
It is quite difficult to remove greasy chocolate stains from soft threads. Even though it was cleaned after washing, its unique color disappears and traces remain. I recommend you to choose darker colors.
We will continue to share Piggy models on our blog. If you like these models, please share them with us in the comments.

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#Lovely bunny amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello friends. I am aware that I have been sharing a lot of amigurumi bunny in these last days. I don’t produce these contents either. I share the post of very professional designers.
Recently, designers have started to share amigurumi free bunny frequently. The biggest reason for this is the interest in amigurumi bunny free patterns. As you know, the rabbit is a very cute animal.
Her children have an eye familiarity with both cartoon and natural life. The Buddha increases love for the rabbit. Think about it, bugs bunny is a 60 year old cartoon. and it is still being watched.

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#New cat plush amigurumi Free Pattern

Today I will share with you the second amigurumi pattern. This pattern is a pretty cute kitty. I know these aren’t really like cats and look like cartoon characters.
But kids love it :). My child is still very afraid of real cats. When I try to get used to it, when he sees a cat, he cries and runs away. Unfortunately, instilling love for animals to children is not like in fairy tales.
You are going through a long and difficult process. Such toys are very useful for teaching children love of animals. So it is very useful that the amigurumi is a very cute character.

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#Lovely plush bunny amigurumi Free Pattern

Amigurumi bunnies became the joy of the house. The biggest reason for this is that you have completed this amigurumi with a size of 30cm. It’s really quite big for an amigurumi. Dolphin baby is used as a yarn, it looks quite stylish.
I definitely think the yarn should be of good quality. If you do not use a good rope, amigurumi looks bad. When you wash for cleaning, it immediately fades or distorts its shape.
The filling material placed in it is also important in this regard. If you sell the cheerleaders you use, use quality products as much as possible. This will increase your customer potential.

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