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This Year Best Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Ideas and Images

#Unicorn amigurumi Free Pattern

What do you think of when you say a cute amigurumi? Yes unicorn!
Hello friends. We continue our sharing series today. Today, there is a very cute unicorn pattern. Colorful, just like a rainbow. Maybe we can do it this way.
As we all know, the unicorn is a mythological unicorn. You can often come across fairy tales and mythological stories. I have a lot of cartoon about Unicorn. I think the most popular of these is my little ponny.

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#Fox amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello friends. You are all welcome. Today, I will share with you some great amigurumi patterns on this wonderful blog. The first one is a very cute fox pattern. As you know, the fox is a very cunning animal. It is also one of the most successful animals in natural life.
Stories are always told in this way. We also encounter it very often in children’s fairy tales. For this reason, our children are very familiar with the fox. It is also common in cartoons and other environments. So knitting a fox amigurumi is a logical idea.
I don’t know if you knit for your child. However, I can say that it is a very preferred model in general. Of course, the most preferred patterns are models like teddy bear and rabbit. Do whatever your child wants anyway :).

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#Kitten amigurumi Free Pattern

Would you like to have these cute kitties? It is very simple to do. Just knit.
Hello everyone, guys. Today, we will examine very nice amigurumi patterns with you. One of these is the wonderful and very cute cat amigurumi pattern by Svetlana Budarina.
I recommend you to follow him doing very nice posts on profile. He shares posts in both English and Russian. However, if you are looking for resources in different languages, continue to follow our blog.

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#Cute amigurumi mini pig Free Pattern

If you want to make a little piggy amigurumi, you have come to the right address. I will have a great suggestion for you. First of all, I would like to thank Ekaterina Nikolaeva, who made the design. She has designed a really beautiful amigurumi. I suggest you to examine these amigurumi samples created with vibrant colors.
I really liked the details in this piggy. Even the folds in the ears look so great. This is a really long study and an example of experience. As you can see, small decorations were made in different colors. You can decorate with tiny bow ties. Or you can use a button on your body.
It can add difference. The eyes are made of buttons, and the amigurumi is made with eyebrows and a string. In fact, although it seems simple, I found it very realistic. A very cartoon film adds to the atmosphere. I especially liked his nose.

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#Teddy bear in pajamas amigurumi Free Pattern

Welcome to my blog. I know you want to make teddy bear amigurumi. You are very willing to do this, but do not hurry. I suggest you first examine my topics. You can find different amigurumi patterns. Now let’s come to our topic today.
A great teddy bear that you can create with different colors. I recommend you to prepare it using soft rope. You can also make it much more cute by using vibrant colors.
I thank Maria Osipova, the designer. He really did a very successful job. Bears look a bit chubby, right? I really liked this way of presentation. Your child will be able to easily hold it on his lap. It is already a light product.

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#Orange amigurumi cat Free Pattern

Hello friends. Today I will share with you a brand new amigurumi cat pattern. As you know, I love the cheerleaders prepared with soft yarn. That is why I pay more attention to sharing such amigurumis.
This cat amigurumi is also a beautiful amigurumi made with soft yarn. Thank you very much to Anna Skvortsova, the designer. You have a great Profile. You can reach yourself at this address. (
Now I want to talk about the details in the amigurumi. In general, amigurumi is made with soft yarn. However, the sweater on it was prepared with a harder yarn. However, clothes are usually made with this kind of ropes.

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