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New Year New Trend Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Ideas 2020

#Little amigurumi teddy Free Pattern

Guys, today I’m going to share with you a great amigurumi pattern of teddy bear. I just shared a unicorn, if you’re wondering, you can take a look at it in the categories section. There are also a lot of patterns on our blog.
You can find these patterns on other pages and download the amigurumi patterns you like. In addition, we try to make translations as smooth as possible in terms of being easy and useful for you. Amigurumi is really popular in Russia
There is a lot of Russian content and we are trying to translate them as accurately as we can. If we have a mistake, please do not be sorry. If we come to the amigurumi now, it’s a pretty cute model. It will be a little small when you complete it.

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#Plush bear amigurumi Free Pattern

Welcome friends. Today I will share with you a great amigurumi pattern of a teddy bear designed by @kseniya_igrushki. Thank you very much for distributing this design for free.
I know I haven’t shared teddy bear models lately. I said a difference today and shared a teddy bear model. Bear in mind that kids love teddy bears. If you are considering gifting amigurumi, teddy bear may be the right choice for this.

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#Cute amigurumi bunny Free Pattern

Hello friends. How are you today? I’m pretty good if you ask me. I actually wanted to share a different pattern today. But I liked this bunny amigurumi model very much. Thank you very much to @wasilenatoys who designed this amigurumi.
She shared it completely free of charge. I suggest you follow the Instagram page. They have very nice designs. If we come to this amigurumi, they are quite small models. Maybe you can use it in the key ring. In fact, recently, amigurumi key chains have increased considerably.
Maybe you can use a slightly darker color and design your own key ring. If you are going to knit for your child, I recommend using light colors. Especially pink. It is a remarkable color. The construction of the amigurumi is quite simple.

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#New Raccoon amigurumi Free Pattern

Friends, hello to all of you. How are you today. My enjoyment is very good. Because I found two great amigurumi patterns for you. It’s free.
If we come to our topic now, the first amigurumi is a very cute raccoon model. When I first saw the amigurumi, I didn’t think it could be done manually. It was a great model. Thank you very much @ zihandmade.
I suggest you follow her. She shares very well. First of all, raccoons are not animals that you may encounter on the street. Many of us know from documentaries or cartoon films. Since children do not watch the documentary much, they usually know from cartoon films.

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#Awesome bunny amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello friends. When we say bunny amigurumi, I think we can think of you now. We shared quite a lot of free rabbit patterns :). I am here again with a bunny today.
In fact, this will be the second rabbit. The first one was a little bit of a model. In fact, when you look at the dimensions, it is 2cm smaller than the amigurumi. However, since their body structures are different, it looks very small, albeit long.
These bunnies are a bit chubby. I think these appeal to slightly older kids. Do not forget to make different dresses after completing the amigurumi. Let your child dress these amigurumis.

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#Little sweet bunny amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello everyone, guys. Welcome to my blog. Today I will share two very cute free amigurumi patterns.
The first of these is a lovely bunny with a length of 17cm. It has a fairly simple model. Thank you very much to @ yulya_barinova who prepared this amigurumi pattern. She really prepared an example that everyone can do. It is a little difficult to find such examples.
Sometimes I remind friends, I want to write again. The yarn you use when making amigurumi is really important. If you do not use a quality thread, your amigurumi will be ugly and the color will fade very quickly. When you wash it when it gets dirty, it breaks down completely.
It never happens like before. For a longer use please use a good thread. If you come to Amigurumiye, you can find the details in the sample section. I would be glad if the companion friends share the amigurumi painting with me.

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