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#Plush mouse amigurumi Free Pattern

I am with you with the third of the amigurumi I will share with you. This time I will share a very cute little mouse model. Making this mouse pattern is really easy. If you are new to knitting amigurumi, I would definitely recommend you to try it.
A very simple example of amigurumi without details. Thank you so much to our friend Asheperina_toys for creating and sharing this beautiful mouse amigurumi pattern.
I am aware that today I am sharing amigurumi, which is prepared using a lot of soft yarn. Children love soft toys more. Amigurumi creators are now creating amygurimi with more soft yarn.
So do you like it? I would be glad if you share with us with your comments.
While preparing this amigurumi, 8mm eyes were used and a hook between 4 and 5mm was used. You can make very different choices about color by yourself. It already has a single color. So you can use any color you want.

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#Cute Hello Kitty amigurumi Free Pattern

I told you today that I will share three different amigurumi pattern with you. Yes friends. Many thanks to Marina Dovgan, who made this great character.
You can find many hello kitty amigurumi models when you rig in google today. However, most of them remain quite pattern and usually made of hard threads. I usually prefer soft rope.
Yes, it is difficult to clean, more durable but if you can knit amigurumi, this will not be a problem for you. You can make a new one or a different model.
In this example, making different color transitions may seem a little difficult, but very easy. In the example, our friend Marina Dovgan described her preparation in a very detailed way. It is recommended to use 4mm hooks while making this sample.

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#Cool unicorn amigurumi Free Pattern

Dear friends, hello to you all from a new day. I’m going to share three different amigurumi pattern with you today. The first one is a unicorn pattern. It is quite difficult to make, but it is also a cute model.

You will need threads of different colors to make this amyguri. You can change these colors as you wish. However, I believe that if its pink and turquoise colors weigh more, it will be much more cute.

Thank you very much to our friend deynega_yuly who designed this amigurumi. It is very nice that such creative friends share their content. You will need a 4mm thick hook when making this amyguri.
I do not recommend using it differently. I also do not recommend using thin or stiff threads. I recommend “Himalaya Dolphin Baby or YarnArt Dolce yarn”. This suggestion is of course the suggestion of the person who created the character.

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#Cool Crochet Parrot Amigurumi Free Pattern

When we say amigurumi, of course we come to your mind. We continue to share the contents with you. We take care to share regular content as much as possible.
Today we will share with you a great parrot amigurumi pattern. A very nice looking amigurumi that you will love. In fact, although it doesn’t look like a parrot, its appearance is very sweet.
When you complete the amigurumi, its size will be approximately 15 cm. Of course, if you want to enlarge this, you should change the other dimensions at the same rate. I suggest you pay attention to this.
If you make the strings in different colors, you can get a nice look, but I suggest you pay attention to the color harmony. Otherwise it is not really beautiful. If we come to the materials to be used, a 2.5mm hook is required.

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#Crochet Cute Cat Plush Amigurumi Free Pattern

I am with you with a great amigurumi cat Pattern. Welcome back to my blog. If you are coming for the first time, don’t forget to add us to your favorites.I’m going to share a great cat free pattern with you today. An amigurumi that you will prepare using soft rope. You can find the details in the recipe section.

The reason why such animal amigurumi is so popular is that children want to communicate with such animals in natural life. Every child wants to love a cat. For this in these toys.
Instead of buying plastic toys, you can make your child’s toy yourself by using natural rope. It becomes healthier and the emotional relationship between you and your child improves.

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