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How to DIY Amigurumi! Best Amigurumi Pattern Ideas

#1 Soft pink amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello everyone, guys. Today I will give you a very cute teddy bear amigurumi pattern. I hope you will like it. First of all, I would like to thank @vse_swyazano, who designed this wonderful amigurumis. Friends are a very beautiful teddy bear prepared with soft yarn.
I personally like it. Especially the pink color looks very cute. Yes, I am aware that it is a little small. But you can even use it as a decor in your home. A friend of mine makes this little amigurumi. He uses them in the form of refrigerator decorations.

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#2 Blonde doll amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello friends. I’m with you again today. Today’s topic is a very beautiful doll free amigurumi pattern. I know you are curiously waiting for Amigurumi patterns. I generally like to share animal amigurumi and it is usually plush.
However, I do not neglect to occasionally share dolls. Today, I prepared this topic thanks to @toy_byeva. Thank you very much from here. I would use the amigurumi photo with her in the pictures. However, I did not want to do such a thing without permission.
she prepared this beautiful pattern. You can find quite a lot of amigurumi patterns and pictures in the Instagram profile. Dolls especially love girls. And their big dolls. Once completed, it will be approximately 35 to 40cm in size.

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#3 Plush Teddy Bear amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello friends. Today I am with you with a very nice teddy bear amigurumi free pattern. All you need to knit this 35mm-sized amigurumi is a little bit of yarn and a pattern.
I share with you in this pattern. First of all, thank you very much to the design @budnikova_toys. I follow the Instagram page frequently. she has very nice shares. This teddy bear pattern is one of them.
Large size may scare you a little. Yes, you are right. It is very difficult to make large amigurumi. However, the fact that it is plush makes construction easier. So I recommend you to try.

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#4 Plush big floppy ears bunny amigurumi Free Pattern

Are you looking for a very cute bunny with giant ears and wonderful eyes? Then you can knit this cute plush amigurumi that we shared with you for free.
Hello everyone, guys. I wanted to make a different entry today. Actually, I know that I shared a lot of bunny amigurumi. But I think it’s one of the cutest. Don’t worry about the ingredients.
You can find all the necessary materials in the detailed section. First of all thank you to @nastyakravchenko27, who designed this wonderful amigurumis. You can follow the Instagram address.

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#5 Plush Chicken amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello friends. Today I am sharing a nice chicken amigurumi pattern. It will be a very long pattern, but very detailed. The fact that it is detailed is actually quite good for beginners. Because even the smallest details of its production are shared.
If we come to the amigurumi, this is my first chicken amigurumi share. Thank you very much to @NATALKINY_TSATSKI, who made the design. We can follow her on Instagram.
The friend who made the design knitted two different colors. You can use different colors if you wish. I think the plush makes the amigurumi very cute. The shape of the amigurumi is pretty cute anyway.

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#6 Ping soft bear amigurumi Free Pattern

Guys, first of all hello to everyone. Thank you very much to @ deynega_yuly who shared this awesome teddy bear amigurumi pattern for free. He is a very talented designer. You can follow the Instagram page. You can benefit from the shares it does.
Because I can not follow all the time. I continue to share as many different amigurumi patterns as possible for you. I don’t want to repeat the same things. A pretty nice pattern is knitted in this teddy bear amigurumi pattern. She has both designed and knitted. A beautiful design has emerged.

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