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Gorgeous Amigurumi Pattern Ideas and Images

#1 Santa Claus amigurumi Free Pattern

When I share this pattern, we are still in the middle of July. There is still a lot of time for Christmas. However, you can start knitting in the last days of August or in September. You will complete it early and it will be a nice gift in time.
Maybe you can use it to decorate the Christmas tree. It is difficult to find such amigurumis. Because amigurumi is not made for special occasions. Some kids love Santa Claus very much. So I think it will be a nice gift.
I really liked the details in the amigurumi. Especially the redness of their echoes. His beard looks so cute. Made in different colors. You can view other pictures by switching between pages.

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#2 Little Teddy bear Free Pattern

Dear friends, first of all hello to everyone. Today I am going to share a pretty cute amigurumi pattern. A teddy bear pattern big enough to fill your palm. I can no longer share Amigurumi pattern as before. Editing the pictures seems very difficult.
But I keep sharing daily as much as I can. This cute teddy bear amigurumi is one of them in the pattern. It is quite difficult to find such a nice amigurumi pattern for free. Since I share these patterns in pdf format for you, I recommend you to save them on your computer.
One day my website closes or if there is another problem, you may not be able to reach them. Coming to this lovely bear pattern, it’s a pretty simple amigurumi friends. Thank you very much to the woman who did it. I especially liked the facial features. Dress effect was very different.

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#3 Easy Plush cat amigurumi Free Pattern

Dear friends, hello to all of you. I hope you have a good day today. Because you are on your lucky day. I will share this cute plush amigurumi kitty pattern which is very simple to describe.
Thank you very much to @deynega_yuly before you start writing. She is a very talented designer. You can follow social media accounts. If we come to our cat, I really like it. I really like plush amigurumi models. Also, if it is such a beautiful model, it becomes even more cute.
I don’t know how many cat patterns I have shared so far, but I can say this is one of the most adorable. One of my favorite things in the pattern is especially the mustache. I think it is very compatible. It looks very realistic in its small ears.

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#4 Easy Teddy bear amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello dear friends. Welcome to my blog. Today I will share with you a very nice free amigurumi teddy bear pattern. Thank you very much to @androsova_toys who designed and shared this amigurumi pattern previously.
You can take advantage of their sharing by following the Instagram address. Friends, although our model today is quite difficult, it is a very easy model. It is not a model I can recommend for beginners. Beginners can try easier models.
However, it is a model that a specialist can easily make. As we all know, amigurumi bears are very popular. Especially patterns like this. Its construction is already mentioned in stages in the pattern section. There is not much to say about its preparation.

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#5 Easy little bunny amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello dear friends. This cute easy bunny was our part in our amigurumi story today. I have previously shared the twig-legged amigurumi knit toy bunny models. But this easy bunny was my favorite.
As for the example, I really liked this pattern for amigurumi. It is a very colorful and cute model. It may be a little small. This will reduce the workload. But I definitely do not recommend small models to beginners.
Below is detailed the construction of our amigurumi knit toy doll bunny model. Let’s take a look at the making of our amigurumi knit toy model together.

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#6 Amigurumi bunny Free Pattern

Friends, we continue from where we left our adorable amigurumi bunny series. You can see today’s model in the pictures. First of all, thank you very much to the designer @korzina_katerina. she has a very nice share. She also has very nice posts on his Instagram page. You can follow.
Friends I know, bunny amigurumi is in high demand. I try to share bunny models as much as I can. As you know, all of these patterns are free. Of course I am not doing these. We share designers who like to share, and we organize them and collect them in one place. In order to reach more people.

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