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Cool Amigurumi Pattern Ideas for This Winter

#1 Fatso mouse amigurumi Free Pattern

Dear friends, hello to all of you. Hope you have a good day today. Today I will share an amigurumi pattern that is very easy to make. Today’s amigurumi is a great mouse amigurumi free pattern. I want to explain the subject directly, without further ado.
It’s a pretty small amigurumi as your friends can see in the pictures. I don’t know exactly the size when I started writing, but it has a size between 10 and 15 cm. The person who colors the Amigurumi with different colors and different yarn models.
I think the best amigurumi for kids is yellow. Others look nice too, but I don’t recommend it for young children. Because children often put such small toys in their mouths. Hair can get into your child’s mouth.

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#2 Mish cow amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello everyone, guys. I prepared a very nice mold for you today. First of all, thank you very much to designer @ ziyan_tyos. You can follow the instagram profile of the designer woman and benefit from the posts. Because she is a very talented woman.
FRIENDS this beautiful amigurumi cow pattern is completely free. When you finish knitting, you will have a 17cm amigurumi. So it’s a pretty big cow amigurumi model. I’ve never seen a plush cow amigurumi recipe before. Actually, the size of this amigurumi is suitable for this.
If someone wants to knit this way, I would be very happy if they shared their pictures with me. I really wonder. Maybe some trouble making the horns. Because it’s a very fine detail. However, if you finish knitting this way, I would be very happy if you share your pictures with me.

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#3 Plush Bunny amigurumi Free Pattern

Guys, first of all, hello to everyone. Dear friends, how are you today? Today I will give you a very cute bunnyless crochet pattern. I hope you like it. It is very nice that this kind of sharing has increased recently.
I generally like to share plush amigurumi patterns. You can already see this from my articles. A great amigurumi in this plush rabbit. We all love rabbits in our children

Free workshop from Olga Gayevskaya with changes on knitting a plush rabbit in a dress from Elena Budnikova.

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#4 Easy Mimi Teddy Bear Free Pattern

Hello friends. I continue to share different amigurumi posts as much as possible. The name of this cute amigurumi is mimi! When I first saw it, I thought it looked like a fox, and when I read the description, I realized that it had a nice teddy bear pattern.
In fact, the main reason we think of it as a fox is the color and nose of the amigurumi. The fact that its color is orange brings to mind the fox amigurumi. Thank you very much to @katerina_gapeeva who shared this cute amigurumi pattern for free. I will share the details below.

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#5 Rainbow Cat free amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello friends. First of all, welcome. The cat amigurumi pattern that I am sharing right now is generally referred to as murzik cat. So this is a rainbow cat. Because this is how we knit our children :). I definitely recommend you to try it.
I’ve shared an amigurumi rabbit pattern similar to this one before. You can also have a look. You can find this under the rabbit tab in the Categories section. Now as for this cute cat, I have a cartoon whose name I can’t remember.
She looks incredibly like a naughty cat out there. The cat in my cartoon was very naughty but we all know cats are adorable animals. They are very docile and love to sleep. The only thing I didn’t like in the recipe were eyebrows. It can be done a little differently.

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#6 Lovely bear amigurumi Free Pattern

Dear friends, welcome to my blog. Today I will share a pretty cute amigurumi teddy bear model. Thank you very much to designer @ venesuela13. For his example, he knits in several different colors. Is it a brown one or a white one?
I can say that I like the white one more. It looks very cute as the thread used is different. Of course, it’s not an easy-to-make amigurumi teddy bear. I know it is difficult to make layered models. But when you finish knitting it will be a very nice teddy bear.

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