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Amigurumi Pattern

Amigurumi bunny in dress free crochet pattern

Enjoy an adorable toy bunny with dress and bow! It is easy to make and this free bunny amigurumi pattern can be made in just a few hours.Designed and photos by @inna_chi_hmTranslated by Amiguroom ToysMaterials:Yarn: Alize Bella (100% cotton, 50 g/180 m)Hook size: 1.75 mm7 mm safety eyesBlack and white embroidery flossYarn markerSewing needle...
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Amigurumi Dolls

Christmas doll amigurumi free crochet pattern

A master class on crocheting a New Year's gnome amigurumi from Tatiana Poddubskaya. The author knitted the toy with crochet number 2.25 with stitches made of semi-cotton yarn Alize Cotton gold, Yarnart Jeans, Softy and Softy plus.Instagram: @plyushki__igrushkiMaterials and tools:1. Yarn: Yarnart Jeans 73 (peach), Alize Cotton gold 243 (red - out of production),...
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Amigurumi Toys

Amigurumi mouse zilya free crochet pattern

This plush toy mouse Mia is crocheted using the amigurumi technique. See the description of crocheting a mouse from @ a.n.a.s.t.a.s.i_v. The height of the finished knitted toy is about 20 cm.Instagram: @ a.n.a.s.t.a.s.i_vMaterials:Himalaya Dolphin Baby plush yarn: gray, pale pink for the inner part of the ears and any color for the dress...
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Amigurumi Toys

Lovely Cow amigurumi crochet free pattern

Author's development belongs to: Ekaterina Markova (K @ tyfk @)This master class is intended only forpersonal use.Distribution in any way is FORBIDDEN!I beg you to respect the work of the author.Dispose of a finished toy created onbased on this mk, you can do whatever you want.I'm on VK: Ekaterina Markova'm on Instagram: @...
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